What Is Global Warming – How Green Changes Can Help

I know we’ve been hearing a lot more about global warming and how green is the way to go in the past years especially since the new millennium.  But to some the definition is not too clear.  So what exactly is global warming?  Global warming all boils down (literally but no pun intended) to the change in climate that is causing the temperature of our planet to rise.  It is a complex thing to break down what is happening to the environment.   So to help many understand things better we will look at it from a broad overview.

get green solutions to global warmingBasically the temperature eventually increases when gasses get trapped in the environment and cannot escape.  Climate changes already happen naturally, and would continue to occur even without the activity of people.  However, people are emitting high levels of carbon dioxide into the environment. This emission is from manmade sources such as appliances, cars, homes, and many other contributing sources that we use or interact with every day.

Climate change is still considered a controversial subject, but still many people are starting to realize that it is a looming threat.  Many Popular celebrities, activist, and politicians; especially former United States vice president Al Gore are giving attention to temperature change and bringing it to the limelight.

Nearly everyone knows about reducing car emission and recycling.  However there are certain things you need to know about on how green awareness and products work and what to look for.  You also need to know who you are doing business with.  You need to make sure that the products you buy are made with recyclable materials and do business with the companies that are supportive of the environment.

Wind, solar, and water power are getting more attention everyday as more research is being done on them. They are alternative sources that are being seriously looked at for a better tomorrow.

We know about the causes of climate change, and we are already seeing its drastic affect on the environment.  Many experts are noting that we are already seeing the affects of temperature change and it is a slow process. They warn if we keep consuming the way we do global warming will quickly become a more dangerous situation.  The future generations may not have a safe, clean, and scenic environment to enjoy if we don’t make a difference today.  Now that we know how green changes can make that difference, it is up to us to take the step and do our part to help prevent the destruction of our planet.

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