Green Solutions to Energy Sources

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Green solutions such as green energy are here to make an impact on the way we live. Green energy is going to make a big impact as it is an alternative source of energy than what we’ve been using.  It will help the planet tremendously and used correctly, green energy will save you a lot of money as well. Let’s take a look at the different sources of green energy.

Solar energy

get green solutionsSolar energy is using the sun as source of energy.  Of course solar energy has been around for a long time.  You may have already been using it in some facet.  A lot of people use solar energy in their outdoor lighting and landscaping.  For example outdoor lights that don’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet and they automatically turn themselves on when it gets dark are using solar energy.

You can use the same sun energy that the outdoor lighting uses to power your whole house. You can use the sun energy by installing solar panels on the roof of your house.  These solar panels will then connect to your home’s power source. From there instead of using the power supplied by your electric company, everything that uses electricity in your home will be using the solar power as energy.  Installing solar panels can be expensive.

Before you spend your own money, you can look for government grants for using green solutions for energy.  This can help you cut down on the cost.  Most people who use solar panels as an energy source for their homes make their money back in about five years or so of installing them. They do not have to pay the high electric bill that they were paying before the solar panels.

Water energy

Water energy is also known as Hydropower and Hydraulic power.  If you live near a running stream or creek, water energy can be an excellent source of energy.  Water energy works just like solar energy.  The only difference is that it uses water to generate a power source for your home to operate on.  The water source of energy is created by turbines and generators to produce electricity.  They produce power as they are turned by the water.

Water energy has been used for hundreds of years all over the world using different methods.  It has been used on farms for many, many years.  It has also been used in remote areas that were late getting electricity from the electric companies in more modern time. Nowadays there are different methods and equipments like mentioned above to generate the energy.

Wind energy

The next green solutions for energy are wind energy.  It works similar to the way water energy does.  The only difference is that it uses the wind to generate a power source for your home. Wind power is created by windmills, turbines, and wind pumps.  They produce power as they are turned by the wind.  You can take care of all of your energy needs by simply using a large enough wind turbine operated in the right conditions.

Getting paid back for using green energy

All these are wonderful sources of energy you can use.  You can either use one or all of these sources of green energy to power your home and to also help to save the planet.  You already know that you are giving back to the planet by not using up so much of the electric company’s power source.

However did you know that by using green energy to power your home you can also get back from the electric company?  Local laws are different so you will have to check up on it and also with your electric company.  In many places if you generate more energy than you use the electric company has to buy that extra energy back from you.

Yes, that is correct!  For the remainder of the years that you own your green home, the electric company can actually pay you a monthly electric bill.  Now how’s that for a green solutions for using green energy? That incentive is one you just can’t pass by.

So What Is Green Energy Anyway?

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The unfortunate truth is that when green energy was first pioneered, it was introduced to the marketplace before all of the glitches were ironed out, such was the excitement at it’s invention. Unfortunately, those glitches caused malfunctions and very quickly green energy sources got a terrible reputation, one which they are still struggling to recover from.

The truth is, nowadays, green energy is just as reliable as the standard sort – if not more so, when you consider huge price rises aren’t going to be part of the package. What you see it what you get and while installing may seem expensive, the benefits to your budget and the environment is infinitely worth it.

get green energyThe most commonly known type of green energy is solar power, where the light from the sun is turned into electricity using specially designed solar panels. These solar panels are becoming more and more visible, as the world cottons on to the need to protect the environment and find renewable energy sources.

Then there is wind power. So-called ‘wind farms’ are springing up everywhere, both on land and in the sea. These generate a huge amount of electricity and are probably the best hope for a truly sustainable energy source. The power is harnessed by wind turbines, specially built three-blade windmills. A huge development is currently in place off the Norfolk coast to build turbines actually in the sea, which harness the power of the incredible sea wind. That annoyance that blows sand in your face while sunbathing could soon become what heats your home.

There are other methods, too. Water has been used to create power for years and new ideas for utilizing it are becoming more prevalent. There is a system in place in Northern Ireland which is harnessing the power of the tides, called the Marine Current Turbine, which though still in a developmental phase is doing extremely well. It essentially works like a wind turbine, but underwater.

New ideas for green energy are being invented all the time and some may soon be powering your kettle soon. For the first time, inventors are not creating things to ease human lifestyle, but to possibly save the planet. This is only the beginning for green energy.