What Is Global Warming – How Green Changes Can Help

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I know we’ve been hearing a lot more about global warming and how green is the way to go in the past years especially since the new millennium.  But to some the definition is not too clear.  So what exactly is global warming?  Global warming all boils down (literally but no pun intended) to the change in climate that is causing the temperature of our planet to rise.  It is a complex thing to break down what is happening to the environment.   So to help many understand things better we will look at it from a broad overview.

get green solutions to global warmingBasically the temperature eventually increases when gasses get trapped in the environment and cannot escape.  Climate changes already happen naturally, and would continue to occur even without the activity of people.  However, people are emitting high levels of carbon dioxide into the environment. This emission is from manmade sources such as appliances, cars, homes, and many other contributing sources that we use or interact with every day.

Climate change is still considered a controversial subject, but still many people are starting to realize that it is a looming threat.  Many Popular celebrities, activist, and politicians; especially former United States vice president Al Gore are giving attention to temperature change and bringing it to the limelight.

Nearly everyone knows about reducing car emission and recycling.  However there are certain things you need to know about on how green awareness and products work and what to look for.  You also need to know who you are doing business with.  You need to make sure that the products you buy are made with recyclable materials and do business with the companies that are supportive of the environment.

Wind, solar, and water power are getting more attention everyday as more research is being done on them. They are alternative sources that are being seriously looked at for a better tomorrow.

We know about the causes of climate change, and we are already seeing its drastic affect on the environment.  Many experts are noting that we are already seeing the affects of temperature change and it is a slow process. They warn if we keep consuming the way we do global warming will quickly become a more dangerous situation.  The future generations may not have a safe, clean, and scenic environment to enjoy if we don’t make a difference today.  Now that we know how green changes can make that difference, it is up to us to take the step and do our part to help prevent the destruction of our planet.

Green Solutions to Energy Sources

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Green solutions such as green energy are here to make an impact on the way we live. Green energy is going to make a big impact as it is an alternative source of energy than what we’ve been using.  It will help the planet tremendously and used correctly, green energy will save you a lot of money as well. Let’s take a look at the different sources of green energy.

Solar energy

get green solutionsSolar energy is using the sun as source of energy.  Of course solar energy has been around for a long time.  You may have already been using it in some facet.  A lot of people use solar energy in their outdoor lighting and landscaping.  For example outdoor lights that don’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet and they automatically turn themselves on when it gets dark are using solar energy.

You can use the same sun energy that the outdoor lighting uses to power your whole house. You can use the sun energy by installing solar panels on the roof of your house.  These solar panels will then connect to your home’s power source. From there instead of using the power supplied by your electric company, everything that uses electricity in your home will be using the solar power as energy.  Installing solar panels can be expensive.

Before you spend your own money, you can look for government grants for using green solutions for energy.  This can help you cut down on the cost.  Most people who use solar panels as an energy source for their homes make their money back in about five years or so of installing them. They do not have to pay the high electric bill that they were paying before the solar panels.

Water energy

Water energy is also known as Hydropower and Hydraulic power.  If you live near a running stream or creek, water energy can be an excellent source of energy.  Water energy works just like solar energy.  The only difference is that it uses water to generate a power source for your home to operate on.  The water source of energy is created by turbines and generators to produce electricity.  They produce power as they are turned by the water.

Water energy has been used for hundreds of years all over the world using different methods.  It has been used on farms for many, many years.  It has also been used in remote areas that were late getting electricity from the electric companies in more modern time. Nowadays there are different methods and equipments like mentioned above to generate the energy.

Wind energy

The next green solutions for energy are wind energy.  It works similar to the way water energy does.  The only difference is that it uses the wind to generate a power source for your home. Wind power is created by windmills, turbines, and wind pumps.  They produce power as they are turned by the wind.  You can take care of all of your energy needs by simply using a large enough wind turbine operated in the right conditions.

Getting paid back for using green energy

All these are wonderful sources of energy you can use.  You can either use one or all of these sources of green energy to power your home and to also help to save the planet.  You already know that you are giving back to the planet by not using up so much of the electric company’s power source.

However did you know that by using green energy to power your home you can also get back from the electric company?  Local laws are different so you will have to check up on it and also with your electric company.  In many places if you generate more energy than you use the electric company has to buy that extra energy back from you.

Yes, that is correct!  For the remainder of the years that you own your green home, the electric company can actually pay you a monthly electric bill.  Now how’s that for a green solutions for using green energy? That incentive is one you just can’t pass by.

How To Get Green: One Shade At A Time

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There are plenty of things you can do as an individual, and a household, that can reduce the damage done to our environment. You can get green gradually, one shade at a time taking it one step at a time. The most effective changes you can make to your lifestyle begin, as all the best things do, at home.

The best part is these changes require nothing more than small alterations to your normal routine. The best way to start is to cut down on your energy uses. There are a variety of ways to do this, but start by always ensuring that appliances that are not in used are switched off at the plug – stand-by is not your friend. The same goes for lighting – if you’re not in the room, switch the light off.

get green friendly

You can also save water and energy by only boiling as much water as you need. A good way to do this is to fill whatever mug you’re going to use with cold water, put it in the kettle, half fill the mug again and add this, and boil. You need slightly more than a full cup as boiling produces steam and causes evaporation. On the same water-saving vein, having a bath is far more eco-friendly than using a shower.

Other small changes that will drastically reduce your energy consumption include relying less on heating – if you’re just a bit chilly, put a jumper on rather than reaching for the dial. And for whatever heating you do use, if you foil back your radiators, you will get more heat into the room for the same energy use.

There are still plenty of options to get green outside of the home. Most companies now offer paperless statements and bills, so switch over to that. This usually means your bill is sent in full to an email account and this is turn really helps the environment. It is also worth investing in some sturdy, long-term canvas bags to use while shopping for groceries – the carrier bag is one of the worst eco-enemies in use today. Complete eradicate it from your weekly shop and your carbon footprint will go into freefall.

The last, and perhaps most obvious, green friendly tip is the three Rs:

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Separate all your waste products in their appropriate places, so instead of just putting it all in one bin, split it into categories like, paper, glass, plastic, etc. and then send them to be recycled.

As you can see in order to get green just making  small changes to your habits can make a huge difference to the earth and yourself. Read more

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