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Eating Green isn’t all about organics and vegetarianism, although these do, of course, play a part for many people. There is more to green foods than that, and you can make a big difference to how Green you are by making certain simple changes in your eating and shopping habits. Many of these changes are hardly noticeable, and some will surprise you with how much you prefer them. If you shop around, you will also find that eating and drinking green can be easier on the pocket than the alternative.

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The first thing to do if you are concerned about helping the environment is think about where your food comes from.  Ask yourself, is it really green foods?….. I mean that in more than one sense. If you shop in supermarkets, for example, you should take a close look at the packaging on what you’re buying. Firstly, how much packaging is there? Often supermarkets will package goods in lots of plastic wrapping – how often, for example, do you see a packet of tomatoes on a plastic tray, wrapped around with a few feet of cling film? This is wholly unnecessary, takes up space, uses energy and has very little practical benefit.

Another consideration ought to be where in the world your food was grown. Some fruits and vegetables are not grown nearby and if you need to buy – for example – a pineapple then it is hard to find locally-sourced tropical fruit if you live closer to the North Pole than the Equator. If possible, however, it is extremely beneficial to buy locally-grown fruit and vegetables. The reasons for this are simple. Firstly, if potatoes have just traveled two-and-a-half miles in a van, their impact on the environment is much less than if they’ve traveled from overseas by air or ship. Chances are you won’t have to pay as much for them, as well.

Buying food grown locally needn’t be any hassle. If you have a farm shop near you then why not check out their deals – the relatively low overheads these shops have enable them to keep prices low. If you don’t have a farm shop, then your local green grocer will have a wide selection of locally-sourced fruit and veg. Next time you’re in, ask them – it’s better for you, better for your wallet and better for the planet.

Now that you know the different aspects that makes up green foods, you are able to choose more wisely.  Not only will this benefit your hralth but the health of the environment as well.