Have Yourself A Merry Green Christmas

Do you want a green Christmas? It is traditionally a time of excess and merry-making yet there is no reason to forget the plight of the environment at Christmas time. View it as a chance to spread a little Yuletide joy to the planet itself and make this Christmas not just a white one, but a green one too.

The most obvious way of doing your bit for the planet at Christmas is to buy a fake tree. Fake trees are no longer synonymous with tackiness; now they are viewed as practical and sensible by most and in most cases are just as attractive as a real tree. But if you can’t resist a real one, then at the end of the festivities plant it in your garden and use it year after year – then you’ll get the benefit of it’s beauty all year round.

What you put on your tree is important, too. If you can’t resist flashing fairy lights, then use a plug timer and just have them on when needed, and mainly at night. The best option, however, is to decorate using baubles, tinsel and all other associated paraphernalia that looks nice without using a huge amount of electricity. There’s also the benefit that these items look good during the day, whereas fairy lights only really look festive when it’s dark. Also, always turn the lights on when you’re not in the same room – this is a good tip for anything running off electricity.

One area to focus on for a green Christmas is eco-friendly is Christmas cards. Try and reduce the number you send to lessen the impact on the environment, perhaps substituting them for e-cards for non-family members. If you send a lot of cards to colleagues, why not suggest everyone at the office puts the money they would usually spend on cards into a tin and donate it to a charity? That way a charity and the environment benefits. For those cards you do receive, ensure you recycle them correctly instead of just throwing them in the bin.

Essentially, Christmas is a time when you put into practice all those little lifestyle changes that help the environment. It’s easy to get distracted during the festive period and forget to recycle food and cards and to keep electricity usage to a minimum – but remember, waste and electricity usage is in abundance at Christmas, so it’s possibly the most important time of the year to remain vigilant. Her’s wishing you a merry green Christmas!

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