Get Green By Making Your Electronics Green And Save Money

You can get green by simply making your electronics green.  How do you may ask?  By using rechargeable batteries.

Each year 15 billion batteries are manufactured around the world.  Just a very small portion of the batteries made are from recyclable.  Most people just toss them in the trash when the batteries have died. It takes a lot of resources and fossil fuels to manufacture batteries.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t purchase the latest green electronics.  You can quite easily make them green.  Just using rechargeable batteries will make your electronics eco-friendly.

get green electronics laptopThere are more and more battery recycling plants popping up all over.  This is due to people beginning to realize that they can make a good impact on the environment by not throwing batteries away.  However even the process of recycling batteries uses up some of our resources at a great rate.  But it is not as alarming as making new batteries though.

So you can get green by make a small investment in buying rechargeable batteries and a battery charger.  The rechargeable batteries set will most likely cost more than regular alkaline batteries.  However it will end up paying for itself many times over with the savings in the long run. Just the first time you recharge and reuse them they will pay for themselves.

A good battery charger will cost less than $50.  You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars replacing all of your batteries with rechargeable ones immediately.   You can slowly replace them as they die.  Just have some rechargeable batteries on hand to replace the old batteries in your electronics as they die off.

Be aware of the lifetime of rechargeable batteries though. One thing to keep in mind is that rechargeable batteries will lose anywhere from 15% to 60% of their power within a month of sitting around in storage.  The heat makes the power drain faster.  A good way to keep your rechargeable batteries good and powered up is to store them in the freezer.  Just make sure to allow the batteries to sit for a while when you take them out of the freezer.   Before you put them into your electronics you want them to be at room temperature.

Another thing you should know about rechargeable batteries is there are two kinds to look for.  First one is Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries.  This type is used for things like cell phones, cameras, and notebook computers. Then there are Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. These types are usually standard sized batteries like AA and D.  These are the types of rechargeable batteries available. All others are disposable battery and won’t charge in your battery charger no matter how long you leave them in there.

So get green by using rechargeable batteries and save yourself some money.

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